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Swot Analysis on Aldi

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ALDI long in the industry maintain its competitive edge is one important reason for everything carefully, so as to maintain low operating costs. Although the ALDI retail business is very busy, often queuing for shopping, but the business area of each shop more than in the 500-800 square meters, is generally not more than 1500 square meters. Shop Advocates simplicity shop decoration, shop not flying advertising posters inside and outside, usually very little published promotions. To save space and cargo handling business hours, except a small amount of daily necessities, food with shelves, freezer, other commodities Jun An original packaging pallets of goods sold in the shop on the spot. vacant. The boxes are free and seeking customers, but customers need to pay for shopping bags. In this way, not only save packaging costs, but also to prevent the abuse of environmental pollution .Silver did not use the bar code scanner at National Taiwan University, just an ordinary cash register. All kinds of things that are not posted price tag, the clerk not only memorized hundreds of commodity prices, but also with sweep Scanner keyboard input speed comparable. In addition, it has a strong advantage in Germany, so that the development of the United Kingdom can provide more funds.


ALDI within the two companies compete with each other on the company's growth to some extent. ALDI's operating strategy is to reduce costs as much as possible, the negative impact is: 1.Reliance on one format in majority of markets. 2. Limited range of SKUs. 3. Low level of Customer service.


With globalization, multinational corporations have a better chance. Britain's economy has a steady growth in recent years, with expansion in the UK, it will bring more customers. ALDI has many companies in the world; it provides a good experience


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