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Paper-Based to Computer-Based Medical Records System

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The following discussion will provide pros and cons, the positive and the negative aspects of the current movement to change medical billing and record keeping from the established paper form system to a computerized system.

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records in the medical profession. Health information of patients or groups of similarities among the population are gathered and imputed in a computer system for storage. Using this system provides for sharing of information between all medical facilities, hospitals, offices, insurance companies and government agencies. Doctors’ offices and government agencies worldwide can obtain and use the information stored in this fashion. Information collected can range from contact information, location area, allergies, vital signs, current and past medication, laboratory work, full history of medical issues, vaccination history, and complete test results to include x-rays and blood work. Additionally, personal protected information (PPI) is also included, such as weight, height, age, and billing information.

In the past, this information was kept in paper files, in filing cabinets or storage, however a switch can be seen toward the use of computer-based systems. The use of computer based systems offer enormous possibility of service and recordkeeping and instant access to information that will improve medical care and treatment thru access to this information that may not have been available in the past. Furthermore, EMR, emergency medical records generated from the emergency room treatment, or services performed by the ambulance, and EPR electronic patient records also add information to the overall information in the EHR. While these records are all different in small ways, they all work together to provide the total view of the patient and any conditions or treatment related to the health of the patient (Kohane, 1996).

While the quick and simple access of information, is helpful and convenient in the


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