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A Theory-Based Synthesis Paper on Information Management

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A Theory-Based Synthesis Paper On

Information Management

In fulfillment of the requirements for the Masteral in Business Administration Information Management

Southville International School and Colleges


Ramones, Maria Eloisa S.

May 2018

1.   What is information management in a nutshell?

It  is  the  management  of  data,  systems,  technology,  processes  and  –  where  the  availability  of information is critical to organizational success. [Wikipedia]

2.   How  do  one  manage  information  systems  in  an  organization?  What   can   be   the possible  challenges  that  may  arise  within  the organization while managing information systems?

A  member/stakeholder  in  an  organization  manage information systems by means  of  creating  or involvement in the workflow or cycle of a certain organizational activity:  data creation or collection, data storage and usage, and disposition of the information whenever it is necessary.

Possible challenges:

-Cost of Equipment (Hardware)

-Cost of Software (Program/Application)

-Training of workforce

-Loss of employees

3.  What  is  the  difference  between  data  and  information?  Please  provide  concrete examples for both.

Data is a raw of object either text, words, number, pictures, sound, or video which is unorganized or unstructured.  This  is  a  representation  of  facts,  concepts  or  instructions  in  a  formalized  manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by humans or by automatic means.

Information is a data or a series of data which is put into context and has been shaped, processed or  interpreted. These are data that  has been transformed into a meaningful and useful form for human beings.

Example:  Data – metrics, samples, price, sales, revenue

Information – reports, policies/procedures.

4.   How  does an  organization collect  information?  What  types  of  information is  being gathered in order to determine the needs of an organization?

An organization collect an information either by software, hardware, personnel and infrastructure and it is done by a source/s - primary source (the researcher is the first person to obtain the data) or a secondary source (the researcher obtains the data that has already been collected by other sources, such as data disseminated in a scientific journal).


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