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Management Information Systems Research Paper

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The research paper “Management information systems and business decision making: review, analysis, and recommendations” discusses the role of management information systems in regards to decision making in the workplace. The information these types of systems are created from includes analyzed data from various macroeconomics. This analysis of MIS (Management Information Systems) outlines the benefits utilizing these types of information systems. Additionally, the research paper indicates six areas/solutions for improvement and recommendations to improve efficiency and management. This paper does an effective job displaying why using MIS improves decision-making, creating an infrastructure that improves business practices.

The solutions in the research paper were primarily created from the limitations outlined. The first solution was to have an increased monitoring of MIS. This is an extremely valid point because it can be detrimental if the MIS is not properly monitored. If not properly monitored, the usage of such systems can become the opposite reason for why it was created, and can lead to chaos, confusion, and misusage of data. The next solution in the research paper was to find a way to modify information so that it fits various decision-making processes. This solution would be beneficial because different types of situations arise in the decision making process. If such an information system exists that accommodates such diversity, it would help enable proper decisions across an array of circumstances in an enterprise.

Another solution discussed in the research paper was to ensure management encourages that workers and automated systems are handled with the same respect. This can be extremely difficult to find, and maybe this solution should have gone into a little more depth as to how such middle ground is reached. This isn’t necessary an even balance, and finding methodologies within the system deem to be extremely difficult. The next solution in the research paper discusses how businesses need to be educated about new MIS so that the amount of businesses left behind on new inceptions is reduced. This is extremely important for businesses to constantly be educated and updated with new systems so they maintain their competitive edge with integrating the most up to date data systems. However, this could be difficult because of time and money constraints, so this solution should also go into more depth because it’s more of an ideal situation.

There were a couple more solutions based on the content of the research paper for improving the role of management information systems in regards to decision making. The next one is ensuring there is a well-defined decision making system in businesses so that it provides a viable working environment for MIS. The paper furthers goes into stating a good place to start of having a centralized place where all decisions in businesses are made.


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