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Subdivision Management Information System for Citta Maria Home Owners Association

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Citta Maria Subdivision is currently using the manual process of storing and retrieving home owner’s records. But nowadays, manual tasks are being terminated on business establishments because it consumes too much time in the establishment’s operations and also it can result to manual errors. From the observation of the developers, the subdivision needs an interactive system which can help them improve the quality of their services especially in managing their records. The developers conducted a study regarding ways in managing records in an easy and interactive way. The idea behind the project is to develop a system which can manage and secure the resident’s information.

The developers started by gathering the necessary information from officers of the Subdivision. This information helped determine the problem and will be the basis for a proposed system. Upon analyzing, the developers started to create the prototype of the system. Corresponding to this, the developers used the Rapid Application Development method which is suitable for the advance progress of the proposed system. In developing the system, the developers used Visual Basic.Net and MySQL for the database, while for the design and customized map locator, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash were used.

The proposed system can manage and retrieve resident’s records and can easily find location of resident’s house by providing the resident’s full name. Furthermore, a user must register or log in to secure and prevent unauthorized access of the information.

To improve the system for the satisfaction of the users, software testing was made. The developers used Black Box Testing to test the functionality of the system. After the development of the system, the results provided a better way of storing and retrieving resident’s information with a residence locator. Also the development of the system became useful for the clients because instead of scanning the name and then the house number, block number, and lot number on the list, the proposed system enabled a quick visual on the searched resident’s location using the client’s name.

Project Context

        Think for a moment what it might be like to live in the 14th century. Imagine that you could travel back in time and find yourself in a small village without your phone or laptop. What would you do there, how are you going to connect with people across the globe easily? And how would you do things easy without Technology? The modern information is a fundamental component to any process of development in order to produce dynamic and functional output. The invention of computer is to accomplish tasks such as to transmit data and to keep thousands of information in its storage.


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