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Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems

Fall 2013        


For everyone using a computer, either personal or in a business, security is an important issue.  The business information obtained about clients, products, inventory, business projections, planning, employee data and implementation is crucial to the growth of a business in the market place. The ability to keep the data information private can mean the success or failure of a company.  

The history of security is very interesting especially about the forerunner of the internet and the involvement of the government. When all we had were large room size mainframe computers all the data was on magnetic tapes.  To share information, these had to be mailed.  There was no internet so the only need for security was the premises of the buildings or the housing of the mainframes.

As computer technology grew during the 1960s individualized mainframes became connected to share data. This was through the use of APRANET, the forerunner of the internet.  ARPANET was developed as a research project by the US Department of Defense. As ARPANET was used more and more to connect remote mainframes to share data and process remotely, significant security problems became apparent.  In the early 1970s the US Department of Defense issued a security report which came to be known as the Rand Report R-609. A change in how we looked at data as a commodity was encouraged.  No longer would security be about the physicality of the location and computers but termed as the most important would be the security of the data.  The Rand Report helped to change the view of businesses on the importance of protecting the data as a commodity. The Rand Report R-609 is still important because it shapes the philosophy and discipline of security even through today. (

As individual home based PCs connected through servers to the internet, security became even more important.  With thousands and thousands of connected computers through the internet, some with excellent security to some with mediocre security, hackers could get in anywhere.  This also included businesses.  The issue of data security is recognized as one of the most important, if not the top important issue, for businesses and PC owners today. Security companies evolved over the years to those we see today.  From McAfee, to Norton and other companies specializing in data security, it has become a multi-billion dollar industry which continues to grow.

There is a difference between logical and physical security. Logical security is the protection of the data information stored for use by businesses. Logical security can use firewalls, anti-spyware, virus protection programs, updating computer security systems, strong passwords, preventing hackers and even a special employee log in to prevent unauthorized users. 
Physical security is the physical protection of where computers and data information is stored and used. It is using the ability to keep unauthorized people out of the physical building where the computers and information is stored.   Physical security can be alarms, cameras, security personnel, dog security, security fencing, locked doors, ID cards, and key cards for access. This can also be extended to weather along with any other outside source which may cause a physical problem for the storage of the hardware and software.


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