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Management Information Systems of Pizza Hut

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  1. Introduction

Pizza Hut was established in year 1958 by two brothers Dan and Frank Carney and a business partner, John Bender in Wichita with $600 start-up capital from their mother. Pizza Hut was integrated in the year 1959 and the first franchise was founded in Topeka, Kansas by Dick Hassur. In the year 1966, the units of Pizza Hut franchise had increased to 145 units and there was a home office created to coordinate the businesses from Wichita. The first Pizza Hut franchise was set-up in Canada in year 1968.

Pizza Hut has been existence for over 50 years which more than 13,000 outlets over 100 countries in the worldwide. In fact, Pizza Hut is the largest pizza industry in the world accordance with the percentage of market share. In the year 1982, Pizza Hut joined into the market with the first opening outlet at Yow Chuan Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. It was the first founded by Cerebos who came from Singapore that also expanded to 29 outlets at the time. Today, Pizza Hut has successfully grown to more than 70 outlets and predicted to set up more new outlets for the coming years.

Pizza Hut has emphasized their brand that developed to the height of excellence in the food industry. Mission of Pizza Hut is to initiate and innovates existing and new pizza for different flavour. Moreover, it included to provide valuable circumstance of expansion and growth for employees, fulfil customers’ demand and raise market share and benefit of stockholders on the investment. Then, vision of Pizza Hut is concerned on the severe implementation to restaurant quality for logically accomplishing the satisfaction of customers, creative of variety food, abilities of human resources, and excellence to accomplish product distinction.

Pizza Hut can be considered as a casual lounge restaurant. Among Malaysians, the precept of family meal is considered as widespread and important, because they placed significance of household ties with meals in their daily life. Thence, Pizza Hut which conducts their business with casual concept, can provide a favourable and superior atmosphere for the development of this connection such ties and upgrade the connection between individuals. In this fast- paced urban lifestyle world, convenience always is the need factors that accentuated by dual working parents. Therefore, Pizza Hut has adopted the principle of delivery service with the aim to cope the intense and severe competition in the fast food industry. Besides delivery services and dine-in, Pizza Hut also offer take away service as it is convenient for their customers.

Pizza Hut had been considered as the market leader because of the company’s innovation and creativity even though they had confronted with a lot of competitors such as Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, and Shakey’s Pizza. Pizza Hut is the only company to provide full services to their customers including dine-in, takes away, and delivery services while Domino’s Pizza is more emphasized on home delivery services compared to dine-in services.

Pizza Hut always strive to employ the culture of its operations success to manage every outlets in order to place more effort to maximize the satisfaction of every customer. Furthermore, they also employed the culture of marketing innovation and great operation strive sales in order to enjoy the competitive benefits. Quality of the product had also deemed as one of the major component in the culture employed by Pizza Hut as they believes that every customer should be provided with the food that had meet their expectation in naturally.


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