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Management Information Systems

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BA Semester 1

Management of Information systems and technology


I acknowledge that the work of others has appropriately been referenced and that all unacknowledged work is genuinely mine.

Word Count: 2620 words

a. Select a SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) or a company.

b. Conduct research and identify the products and/or services and business processes of the chosen company. [800 words maximum]

Short introduction about the company

Nib Insurance Company is an insurance company located in Ethiopia. At the moment, there are sixteen insurance companies in Ethiopia, of which one belongs to the government while others are privately owned. Except for foreign investors, the insurance industry in Ethiopia is open to local investors who full fill the conditions set by the National Bank of Ethiopia.

Nib Insurance Company is one of the privately owned insurance companies. According to (, it was established on May 2, 2002 by 818 shareholding members. Currently, the company has 21 branches and 199 staff members and gives a wide range of insurance services to its customers. Concerning the product/services of the company, Nib Insurance Company offers a diversified service to its customers. The company is delivering almost all types of insurance available in the industry. This can be taken as a disadvantage for the company and as an advantage to the customers. It can be taken as a disadvantage for the company because this gives the company a diversification mechanism. On the opposite, this can be taken as an advantage for the customers because they can have alternative choices which mean that a customer can have all services at one place. For example if we take an insurance company that only offers life insurance, this company may be lucrative one year and may cause a great loss the other year. In this situation though if the company losses revenue in Motor Insurance for instance, it can gain revenue in another type of insurance e.g. Motor insurance.

Product and Services of Nib Insurance Company

 Fire and lightning Insurance

Fire and lightning Insurance is extremely vital which is why most people say that it is one of the important components of a human life. Even though fire and lightning insurance is very vital to a person's life, it also has devastating effect. Every day, countless of damages are caused by fire worldwide even in Ethiopia the damages caused by fire is in an


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