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What are the advantages of using mobile handheld devices? What are the disadvantages?

     Advantages of using a mobile device are undoubtedly the main target was established to facilitate internet communication system between humans. With the internet, we can connect with friends who are far away and can share their experience may well know a little bit about foreign cultures.

     Quarry Info is also one of the advantages that exist with internet facility. With the availability of Google and yahoo, students only have to type in what you want to know. In addition, almost all universities / colleges use the internet as a medium to find information. Online Services Internet has made our lives very easy. With many online services you can now do all your transactions online. You can book tickets for the film, transfer funds, pay utility bills, taxes and other, and hold on your home.

This one is pretty obvious but bear with us. Since the first cell phone, we’ve been able to make calls while on the go. But given the fact that almost everyone today owns at least a basic mobile phone and the majority have their phone on hand at all times, you’re able to get in touch with people nearly.

  Mobile phones have opened doors that were previously unheard of. In the past, if you ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere, you had to find a way to get in touch with help. These days, mobile phones allow us to be in touch with emergency personnel, family, friends, and loved ones in an instant. If on a trip in an unfamiliar place while needing help, mobile phones allow us to remain in touch with loved ones, letting them know we are safe.

  Disadvantages If you use the Internet for online banking, social networking or other services , you can take the risk of theft of your personal information such as name , address , credit card numbers and other Members of the public can access this information via a secured connection or by planting and software then use your personal details for their interests.  Internet users often plagued by virus attacks on their systems. Viruses are programs and cannot get activated if you click the link that seems harmless. Computer connected to the Internet are highly susceptible to virus attacks.

  If you are a mobile phone user, it is important for you to educate yourself as to the risks and benefits of using such a device. Caution should always be taken when using a mobile phone while driving and the best idea is to wait until you are stopped completely, or pulled over, to use your mobile device to send text or email messages, as well as make mobile phone calls. Allow yourself to devote your full attention to the road and to devote attention to your vehicle when driving. Mobile technology can be a blessing, but it can also cause a fatal accident if used improperly. People are not only using their mobile phone to talk while driving, but also to text and access the internet while behind the wheel.


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