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Global Management Information System Strategy

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Global Management Information System Strategy

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Table of Contents

1.0        Activity Log        

2.0 Transmission Letter        


4.0 INNOVATION: e-Mobile Supermarket        

4.1 Innovation: The e-Mobile Supermarket        

4.1.1. Products        

4.1.2. Services        

4.2 Statement of the Problem        

4.3 Competitors        

4.3.1 Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.        

4.3.2. Costco Wholesale Corporation        

4.3.3. Target Corporation        

4.4 Significance of the Innovation        

4.4.1. _        Small-scale and Medium-scale Supermarket Operators        

4.4.2. _        Consumers        

4.4.3 _        The Community        

4.5 Target Market        

4.6 Key Performance Indicators        

5.0 COMPANY PROFILE: The Innovative Generators        

5.1 The Consulting Industry        

5.2 Key Products and Services        

5.2.1 Products        

5.2.2 Services        


5.3.1 Company Vision Statement        

5.3.2 Company Mission Statement        

5.4 Business Strategy        

5.5 Corporate Structure        

5.6 Business Process        

5.7 Risk Management Plan        



7.1 Financial Statement        

7.1.1. Income Statement        

7.1.2. Balance Statement        

7.1.3 Cash Flow        


  1. Activity Log







Choosing of Industry

(The Supermarket Industry)

2 hours

  • Selecting an industry to develop an innovative concept
  • The group deliberated between the telecommunication industry, the aviation industry, and the supermarket retail industry
  • The decision to select the specialty retail industry rest from the fact that there are more feasible innovations that can easily be incorporated into the industry compared to the telecommunication, and aviation industry which is highly technical.
  • Furthermore, the nature of the supermarket industry having to cater to majority of the consumers’ staple needs makes it easier to foster innovative solutions that can easily be received by their target market


References and Materials

  • Searching for relevant materials and resources
  • Conducting surveys and interview to know what the needs of the consumers are and what would make the retailers’ task easier and more profitable

In Progress

Environmental Screening

5 hours

  • Perform a macroeconomic review of the different factors affecting the industry using PESTLE Analysis.
  • Each group member was assigned a factor in the PESTLE analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental)
  • This would help determine which industry has the most favourable condition, with lesser risk.


Best Practice in the Retail Industry

3 hours

  • Comparing the business models of aviation leaders like Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Costco Wholesale Corporation and Target Corporation  



Deciding on the type of Innovation

2.5 hours

  • Identify the different types of innovation and settle on what type of innovation is the most appropriate and most beneficial for the industry, specifically the organization to be formed. In this case, an innovation that involves the development of a device might be a little more risky and lot more expensive.
  • Settle on the most appropriate innovation for the specialty retail industry—a business model innovation



Conceptualizing the organization  

  • Conducting a business plan on an organization that would house the proposed business model innovation for the supermarket industry
  • Specific organizational details beginning from the industry, the type of business organization, the corporate mission & vision statement, corporate structure, the major business processes, products and services offered, and a risk management plan

In Progress

Business Model Innovation

3 hours

  • Understanding the concept behind an organization’s business model
  • Know the purpose and importance of a business model to an organization



Developing the Unique Business Model Innovation

5 hours

  • Draw a schematic diagram of the innovation
  • Articulate the relevance of the proposed innovation to the organization and the industry in general
  • Propose the feasible features of the Business Model Innovation particularly relating to the Supermarket Industry


Technical Analysis

6 hours

  • Identifying the technology, infrastructure and other technical requirements needed to power and sustain the proposed innovation


Financial Analysis and Projection

  • Conducting a three-year financial projection to assess the feasibility of the project

In progress


Summary and Conclusion

3 hours

  • Restate the highlights of the paper in terms of the key features of the proposed innovation.
  • Re-establish the macroeconomic factors that indicates the conduciveness and feasibility of business model innovation for the Supermarket Industry
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Business Model Innovation specifically designed for the Supermarket Industry
  • Reiterate the reason why the proposal is marketable, feasible and sustainable.

In progress

2.0 Transmission Letter

October 9, 2015


Angel Investors Group

[Investor’s Address]

[Investor’s Address]

Dear Mr Wetzel,

        Greetings in the name of the Lord.


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