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Web-Based Tutoring, Mentoring, and Training

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Web-Based Tutoring, Mentoring, and Training

MGMT422-1401B-02 Unit 2 IP 2

American InterContinental University


This paper is a proposal outlining the need for a web-based tutoring and training program. The paper will discuss the targeted market and the potential growth once the product has been successfully executed.  Based on an entrepreneurial prospective, this paper will discuss marketing strategies and financial risks involved in the launch of the online product.

The advent of the Internet has provided many advantages, including but not limited to online education, online tutoring, and web-based training. As it has matured overtime, online education has become more viable and accepted as an authentic means of education. Although, this form of education is not for everyone; however, the online environment offers many benefits from the freedom to access classes based on individual scheduling versus the traditional classroom setting, provides the modern skillsets (email, research ability and experience, and computer experience) employers prefer. Triangle Solutions will provide an online tutoring and training program for adult students pursuing Business degrees.

The Triangle Solutions team has created a solution that will make learning easier for online students, regardless of their location. As an online busy working adult student in the process of completing the goal of a degree in an accelerated program can be challenging (Hanz, n.d.). These programs require a great amount of reading, research, and writing multiple papers. All of which can become overwhelming, especially if there is a lack of understanding in a certain subject matter. Other students require assistance in how to write papers, business models, and the correct format for PowerPoints. The web based tutoring and training will be able to assist these students and direct them in the appropriate path of success.

There is a need for cost effective tutoring and training due to the following:

  • Tuition increasing quarterly
  • Employer tuition reimbursement decreasing semi-annually
  • Jobs are scarce
  • Increasing unemployment

These are all factors of the need for cost effective solutions for learning adults that is available 24hours and 7 days per week.

According to an article by David Nagel, in 2009, there were approximately 1.25 million online students. This article also predicted an increase to 3.5 million online students by the current year, 2014 (2009). Among the number of online services currently available, Triangle Solutions estimates to capture at least 10% of this population and as a continued effort in marketing and offering excellent service, the consumer base will increase dramatically within one year.


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