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Hr Policies and Practices in Training Needs Analysis Area of Kazakhstani Companies

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Each day each company faces a lot of people, consumers with different questions about production, about workstation and quality. All companies should have great service to encourage them and attract. Service plays an important role in every business. That's why Training Needs Analysis is needed. TNA is an effective way to identify any gap between the skills your business needs and those your employees have. It involves gathering information to identify areas where your employees could improve their performance. Nowadays, TNA is becoming more and more popular in Kazakhstan, not only in international, but also in local companies.

The main aim of this project is to discover existing HR policies and practices in Training Needs Analysis area of Kazakhstani companies.

In order to reach this aim following objectives are stated:

- to find out the reasons for using Training Needs Analysis tool in the company;

- to investigate the effectiveness of HR policies and practices;

- to study how do existing HR policies and practices relate to the needs of the organization;

- to suggest recommendations for improvements of existing HR policies.

The main method of making current research will be survey. Data collection will be distributed with help of questionnaire. About 15 workers will be questioned Metro Cash & Carry. Group under study will be people who work there. Also, for further investigation an interview will be held with Dauren Turlybayev-recruiting specialist.

The research structure of this project consists of the following parts: 1) introduction, which will describe project aim and objectives; 2) company background; 3) literature review, which will include several kind of sources; 4) field research section, which will be formulated with help of survey among people who work in Metro Cash & Carry; in this part also will be found results of the project's aim and recommendations.

5) conclusion.

Company's overview

METRO Group is one of the biggest and authoritative international retailing companies: Some 300,000 employees from 150 nations are working at over 2,200 outlets in 29 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

All sales brands of the METRO Group take leading market positions in their respective segment and demonstrate their competence in trade and retail on a daily basis. Responsibility towards customers, stockholders and the public characterizes their corporate thinking and action. Innovative strength is one of their key success factors. As a foresighted and high-performance group of companies, company also wants to contribute to the further development


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