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Training and Development Program

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Training and Development program

As a qualified marketing manager in our company, he/she needs to possess

various personality skills in order to excel his/her job. In achieving the desired results,

the training and development program, is basically divided into three parts:

identifying the needs of training, providing appropriate training program and

appraisal of training effectiveness. The CEO of the company is responsible to identify

the managers' areas of improvement.

He/She should judge the marketing manager in four different aspects:

Communication skills, problem analysis and problem solving skills, leadership skills,

and the knowledge of the entire high-fashion market.

After identifying the areas of improvement, the marketing manager will be

sent to attend training/development programs outside of the organization. This is to

maximize the effect of the training program, as the marketing manager will be trained

by specialists in the high fashion industry. Furthermore, the marketing manager

will be able to focus on the training, not get distracted by work and it is also a great

opportunity to network with staff from other high fashion companies, as well as to

exchange ideas and insights with them. Finally, The marketing manager is required

to pass all the tests provided


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