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Benefits of Training Development Practices Across Different Industry

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 Executive Summary:

 Human Resource Management: The management function that deals with recruitment, placement, training and development of organization members.

 The HRM process includes seven basic activities:

1) Human Resource Planning.

2) Recruitment.

3) Selection.

4) Socialization.

5) Training & development

6) Performance appraisal

7) Promotions, Transfers, Demotions & Separations

 Training: The process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs.

 The five step training & development process:

1) Analysis step identifies the specific job performance skills needed assesses the prospective trainees' skills and develops specific, measurable knowledge and performance objectives based on deficiencies.

2) In the second step instructional design you decide on, compile & produce training program content, including workbook, exercise and activities.

3) Validation step in which the bugs are worked out of the training program by presenting it to a small representative audience.

4) The fourth step is to implement the program by actually training the targeted employee group

5) Evaluation step in which management assesses the program's success or failure

 Introduction & description of the industries:

 Telecom


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