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Development Training and Motivation Empowering for a Better Business

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Development Training and Motivation Empowering for a Better Business

Thesis Statement: Since entering a business is a difficult task, a businessman should undergo development training and develop proper motivation in order to overcome failures and achieve a more effective attitude towards business success.

Motivation has always been heard in everyday settings and can always be read in printed materials everywhere. It may not easily be understood but for a better understanding, motivation is a process that someone energizes behavior and directs it towards a goal. It gives direction to behavior and leads to success in any type of accomplishments. Starting an activity with motivation is not enough. It has to be maintained and be brought all the way through in order to come to an end. In this manner, a person will be prepared to face another situation and be able to do the same thing.

Although some people succeed in life without being motivated, their achievement differs from a highly motivated person. It is because motivation is a compelling force that drives a person in being successful. Motivation makes a person exerts all his efforts to achieve his goals in life. It makes him aware that he needs to do his best and he needs to perform well in whatever circumstances he is in so that he would be able to accomplish his goals.

Motivation As A Driving Force

As there are common failures that happen every day, be it big or small, lack of motivation has always been a major reason. At certain times in a person's life, he may experience some dramatic events which bring about radical changes in his behavior. An organism is motivated to act because of a need to attain. He has to re-establish a condition that indicates that something vital is missing. In the absence of this, an organism will strive to obtain it.

One must always possess motivation for there will come a tendency that an existing need will be reduced or eliminated and will relieve someone from an unpleasant condition. It has to be there and an internal equilibrium will keep the body in good functioning order. A person will be equipped with the necessary materials he will need to satisfy why a behavior happens.

No one is excused from uncertainties in life and being humans, individuals try to compete with these forces which are the reasons why they feel displeased and poignant. The step to a more prosperous living is the positive perception and approval of motivation that drives a person to a more meaningful life.

Motivation follows success

A person may succeed in many ways, despite lack of motivation. A capable person is different from a motivated person. Capable persons may reach their full potentials and became professionals in their chosen fields, but on the other hand, motivated persons have a higher degree of accomplishing and finishing


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