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Developing an E- Commerce Business Plan - Sports International

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Table of contents

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I Executive summary

II Business Description

a. Products Offered

b. Mission Statement

c. Industry

d. Business Goals and Objectives

e. Business Models - Revenue and Payment Models

III Marketing strategy:

IV Market Analysis and target market:

V Competitor Analysis

VI Conclusion

Executive Summary:

Sports International is one of the e-commerce companies which is trying to clinch a market for products related with the sports. This is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world and sports items have huge demand in the market. Its business through electronic field will give variety of choice, for the customers. This paper will review the marketing strategies and the competitors in this field. Sports goods are having excellent opportunities in the market with great demand and have the support from peoples like youngsters. The sports jerseys with names of the players of soccer, basket ball and tennis are always in demand especially among children and youngsters and people like to wear it at any time. This plan focuses on the mission and objectives as to capture the sports goods market with attractive cost effective goods. There are several competitors in this field and all are aiming at one goal, to develop the business. Subscription based revenue system is very important in this e-business. A well developed marketing strategy is required to promote the online site which will display sports products. The company is targeting the Asian and American market where most of the sports are popular and crowd pulling. The successful promotion tactics will create the online site to catch the attention of the customers and a money-making business will occur. It will also analyze the strength and weakness of their competitors and the business targets of the company.

Business Description:

Sports goods are items that have extremely good possibilities in the market with high demand and these will have the support from all kinds of people, especially youngsters. Sports International is targeting in e-commerce sector where more and more products can be listed for the customers. E-commerce companies in this specific sector are moderately less and can attract more and more people by different promotion campaigns with sports icons. The major upcoming events like ICC cricket World


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