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Business Plan : Fashion Consultancy

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Think of it as an introduction to your business. Therefore, your business plan's executive summary will include summaries of:

• a description of your company, including your products and/or services

• your mission statement

• your business's management

• the market and your customer

• marketing and sales

• your competition

• your business's operations

• financial projections and plans

The executive summary will end with a summary statement, a "last kick at the can" sentence or two designed to persuade the readers of your business plan that your business is a winner.

Executive Summary

Casa More will be a styling service that allows customers to purchase and style of life at little inconvenience to their schedule and workday. We will do this with the aid of a shopping consultant to provide each customer with quality solutions to their shopping concerns at reasonable prices. The owner has had years of experience in the retail market and is aware of trends and the shopping environment. In time, this service will evolve to incorporate a larger market instead of a luxury for the more wealthy customers.


The mission of Buy the Time is to offer custom goods for all occasions with minimal interruptions into our clients' daily activities. We want our customers to be able to give special gifts to their loved ones without it being a stressful event. We will strive to provide expert advice in order to guide our clients style enabling them to from start to finish with low-cost, reliable information in a timely fashion.

To give end to end solutions to the fashion conscious women of today.

We want o

Product / Service Concept

Here is where you provide a more detailed description of your concept. You might repeat the one

sentence summary you gave in the Executive Summary, and then expand on it to address the following


ƒ What exactly is our product or service? What isn't it?

Describe the problem or pain that your product addresses and the unique characteristics,

features, and attributes that enable it to solve that pain. For services, it is often useful to

describe the experience, what happens to the


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