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Business Plan - Spicy Sweets Enterprise

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Republic of the Philippines

Cavite State University

College of Business Entrepreneurship

Imus, Cavite

A Business Plan

Submitted to the Faculty Members of the Management Department

In Fulfillment of the Requirements for

ETRP – 101 Entrepreneurial Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Major in Economics

Lois Eunice P. Gomez

March 15, 2011


All Filipinos love foods, spices and most of the Filipinos love spicy foods. Filipino also loves sweets and desserts like salads, leche flan, gelatin, ginataan, biko, which usually eaten after a heavy meal and usually serve during special occasions.

So that's why Spicy Sweets Enterprise that is located at SM Bacoor 3rd Floor was established by Ms. Lois Eunice P. Gomez currently residing at 92 Duhat St. Justinville Subdivision Bacoor, Cavite. Spicy Sweets Enterprise is a provider of various spicy desserts operating as a proprietary company. Spicy Sweets Enterprise is seeking a loan of 30,000 to purchase property, carry out improvements and provide sufficient working capital to expand an existing desserts enterprise. This loan will be secured by a first mortgage over the property and the guarantees of the principal. Terms offered are 15 percent interest (reducible) of six equal half-yearly installments in May and September.


Spicy Sweets Enterprise aims to provide and satisfy the consumers especially those who are spicy lovers. And also, Spicy Sweets Enterprise aim to be known as the pioneer manufacturer of chili desserts in the Philippines and to compete internationally.

The Spicy Sweets Enterprise has been operating for two years in leased premises at SM Bacoor ground floor between Toby's and St. Paul store. The principals chose SM Bacoor, Cavite to establish the business due that it is the most common place where many people go. The said business is located at the front of food court in SM so it is easily to attract customers to taste our spicy desserts. Spicy Sweets Enterprise is producing a quality and delicious desserts at a lower price. The principal is using its resources efficiently and effectively to gain competitive advantage toward its competitors. The main targets of Spicy Sweets Enterprise are the spicy lovers and the dessert lovers. The customers will have a variety of choices and they can dictate what they want


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