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My Business Plan

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My name is Mohd Ajwad, 24 years old, live in Malaysia and looking for a retail business. I have a diploma of retail management in Australia. I have experience working in retail management in Australia before as sales man in Giordano, Mexican restaurant, and Levis shop. I'm so interested to make a retail business in Malaysia with my capital that i have to start the business.

Since my father and my brother do the construction business, i have to do with the right way that i have finished my studies as retail management. I believe in my self that i have benefits and ambition to make a retail business. So why not i start to do it with my experienced that i have.I'm looking for all people that have experience in retail segment so that i can to make a top shop, padini, Giordano and others retail business.

My father having a good time with his life, now he just rolling the money to make the payment and interest. Constructing, retailing, selling the properties, renting his properties, making investment on his money, and involving in politicians.

This is a goof way i have to follow my father side. With my father's guidance i believe i can do the business that i want. Donald trump is my guidance too.

I have prepare my business plan and strategic plan to survive in my entire life.

Hope god can give me a better feedback in my life to be businessman.

I'm ready to work and explore the business side.

Thank you

Do what you can do, Interfere what you can't do.


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