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Business Plan - Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia

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Our business establishment had been registered under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) since 1 August 2010 as "The Roof Restaurant". The Roof Restaurant will become our primary and the only business trademark in expanding our business in the catering industry. The Roof Restaurant is a unique restaurant with the combination of upscale coffee house, bakery and deli café serving specially bread, confectionaries, beverages, pastries, western cuisine, fresh vegetables and fruits. The Roof Restaurant is an ideal place for the customers to indulge in the delicious, nutritious and high quality food despite that The Roof Restaurant also pampering our guest with exotic arts work and acoustic music in the greenly environment. The Roof Restaurant do prepare an ideal platform to cater the neighborhoods meeting and family reunion dinner, the uniqueness, friendliness and gorgeous setting in our business establishment is inviting our guest to enjoy themselves with their hard earn money as a rewards for their hard word.

We had setup our business establishment- The Roof Restaurant at Chulia Street, Georgetown which located on the Penang Island. Georgetown is recognized as a heritage city in Malaysia by UNESCO in 2008. Our Restaurant emphasizes more on promoting the true hospitality spirit towards our guest. The concept of our restaurant is to provide a home like environment for our guest to relax, having a good time despite of enjoying a great meal with the reasonable price.

Our staffs are well trained in delivering good quality service to our guest and yet our establishment is perfectly setup with the romantic ambiences, subtle music and eye washing art works.

1.1 Mission

Our Mission is to create a profitable restaurant with an existing atmosphere, great food, and excellent services to our customers, also to provide a safe, healthy, and rewarding workplace for employees.

Owning a profitable business establishment is an essential for every businessman around the globe. Hence, in order to operate a profitable business establishment it is a must to create a memorable, competent, and favorable product and services to attract the potential customer in the marketplace that full with competitor from the homogenous industry. Excellence in delivering the services will create the loyal customer towards the business in long term.

Our staffs play important roles in making our business establishment excellent in various aspects. Hence, it is important to create the highly satisfy and motivated staff for delivering the excellent services that why providing the basic remuneration and appropriate rewards and ensuring an safety working environment is an essential to motivate the staff to stay loyal to the business establishment.

1.2 Vision

Our vision is


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