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Online Store Business Plan

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The Board of Directors of <insert company name here> has just finished the estimated budget for their newest business venture yet. They require you and a few members of your department to design and develop the idea. They want you to create an online store for <insert company name here>, not only for view information about their website but to give certain privileges to the Administrator.

The online store hosts a variety of products, both for businesses and households.

A regular user will be able to search for items and view item detail. A user should be able to search for an item based on the following:

• Product Name

• Product Code

• Category (eg. Hardware, Electronics, Appliances…)

whether in part or whole.

A registered user however will have more privileges:

• Editing their information (First Name, Last Name, Credit Card Number, Date of Birth, Address1 Address2, Password, Email Address)

• Viewing products for sale based on their availability

• Purchasing a product and changing the quantity based on quantity purchased.

An administrator should have the ability to add, edit, and delete products as well as to add, new administrators.

Each user logged in to a session will time out after 5 minutes, except for Administrators.

$functionality = 0.55;

$design = 0.25; // (use of graphics etc.)

$interview = 0.20;

Submission of projects should be done by the latest, Friday November 11, 2011. Interviews will commence in the following week.

*Bonus marks will be awarded if the group can simulate a shopping cart.

*Penalty for late submission is 10% day



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