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Analyzing Business Processes for an Enterprise System

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a) The output(s) of the process

=Data is entered after the customer call fax or email for the order

•Whole customer information is noted down by the customer representative

•The customer representative then check for the nearest warehouse to supply

the customer order

•The customer representative suggest the delivery date to the customer

•If the order is not sufficient in the warehouse the representative identifies the

other warehouse that is to the closest link

•The credit requirements are then made

•The order is delivered to the customer

b) Other major business processes impacted by the order process

The orders processing system in the company requires cooperation among sales

function (receiving the order and entering the order) which may also include other

business processes which are

Manufacturing and production

•Assembling the product

•Checking the quality

•Producing bills of materials

Sales and marketing

•Identifying customers

•Product awareness

•Selling the product

Finance and accounting

•Paying creditors

•Creating financial statements

•Managing cash accounts

Human resource

•Hiring employees

•Evaluating employee's job performance



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