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Business Processes and Information Systems

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Business Processes and Information Systems

Business Processes and Information Systems: Managing Information Systems

Blanca D. Hernandez

University of Phoenix


With ever evolving technology advancing career moves and corporate decisions there is a great need for a shift in an organizations strategic thinking. Information systems is an essential part in a vast number of organizations today in a number of departments within each company from hiring employees, managing benefits, HR resources, consumer interactions, marketing and financing roles. This paper will discuss where computer information systems are used and its benefit in the management information systems business process of computer security incident reporting.

Keywords: business processes, information systems, competitive advantage

Business Processes and Information Systems: Managing Information Systems

Within every organization and every department there are business processes. “A business process is an ongoing collection of related activities that create a product or a service of value to the organization, its business partners and/or its customers.”(Rainer, 2012) Business processes can be carried out by a single department or functional are or may be spread across multiple functional areas.

Computer security incidents will likely refer to alerts that are triggered over the network due to a detected threat or breach. “Such breaches can expose the affected computer or network to viruses that result in lost information and damaged software.” (Worth, 2014)

Computer security issues incident reporting

Figure 1 shows the example of the steps or actions that are taken when a triggered alert is received from employee, vendor or equipment. In the example we have the employee who arrives at work and uses the computer system. If the computer system is used with no triggered alerts the employee will continue to use the system with no interruptions. If the use of the computer triggers an alert, possibly from malicious software or some other activity deemed illegal according to the standards forth, the appropriate channels are taken to record and document the events and resolutions.

Throughout this process the use of operational effectiveness strategy is seen in every step once the user begins to use the computer. The security incident reporting flow chart improves the manner in which threats are addressed and expedited. “A threat to an information resource is any danger to which a system may be exposed” (Rainer, 2012) The use of information systems to generate alerts for breaches or threats detected from the computer exposed the vulnerability of the instrument which caused the next phase within the process which is the incident reporting and resolution phases.


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