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Business Information System

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INFORMATION SYSTEM @SIEMENS                                                                                                                                      

BISM Project Report

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Table of Contents


Information Systems        


Management Information System        

ShareNet - Knowledge Management System @Siemens        

Siemens KM Framework        

Effectiveness of IS        

Soarian - Healthcare information system        

Effectiveness of IS        

Analysis of Effectiveness        

Drawbacks of IS        



  1. Introduction

Siemens is a multinational company working in more than 200 countries with employee count of 348,000 as of September 2015. During the fiscal 2015 it obtained revenue of about Euro 75.6 billion.

It was founded by Werner von Siemens in 1847. It has a history of about 165 years. Started as an electrical company, Siemens, now has many business which can be broadly classified into product-based business, where Siemens manufactures and sells the products, for instance, transformers; and solution-based business, where Siemens acts as a consultant which provides complete solution to the customer, for example, metro rail solutions.

Siemens has been divided into 4 sectors to simplify the operations and maintenance of businesses and their information. The 4 sectors are Infrastructure & Cities Sector, Energy Sector, Industry Sector and Health Care Sector. These sectors are further sub divided into business units to highlight the significance of each business they are in.

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The guidelines followed by Siemens is Responsible, Excellent and Innovative. These values are set as the highest standards for every business they do. Responsible means that Siemens is committed to ethical and responsible actions. Excellence depends on high performance and quality results. And finally innovation to create sustainable value.


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