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Business Information System Management - Course Guide

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Post Graduate Programme (PGP-19)

Course Outline

Course Code and Course Title

Business Information System Management

Course type


Pre-requisites (if any)


Course Credit


Total no. of sessions


Session Duration

75 Minutes



Year and Batch

1st Year, PGP 19

Sections (if any)



Dr. Radhakrishna Pillai (Sections A,B,C) & Dr. Anindita Paul (Sections D,E,F)

Contact Details

0495-2809105 (Off), &

0495-2809122 (Off),


Faculty Block 1, Room No. 05, IIMK Campus &

Faculty Block 1, Room No. 22, IIMK Campus

Consultation Hours

All days 4 to 6 PM


Information Systems (IS) have become crucial to organizational effectiveness. With firms moving into the digital world, the management of organizations is becoming a challenging task. The strategies for maintaining competitiveness of companies involved in production and delivery of information goods and services is a major challenge. It has also been a challenge to fully reap the benefits of Information Technology owing to multiple factors that need to be considered within an organization. In order to get the maximum benefit from IS, managers need to develop an understanding of the various aspects of  IS in businesses viz., Business Processes and IS Development, IS Strategy and Ethical Considerations, Enabling Technologies for Digitization, and Decision Making using IS.

The course is divided into four modules. Module 1 covers topics on Decision Making using IS covering decision support systems, different types of enterprise applications, business intelligence,  and knowledge management that enable decision making using IS.  Module 2 covers topics  on Enabling Infrastructure for Digitization  comprising of various infrastructure technologies including cloud computing,  mobile technologies, technology for information security that facilitate business operations.  Module 3 deals with IS Strategy and Ethics focusing on   alignment of IS Strategy and Business Strategy, e-Business, and Ethical considerations in the use of IT & Systems.  Module 4 is on Business Processes and IS Development and covers topics on IS Investment, Business Process re-engineering, IS Design and Project Management.  


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