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Business Information System - Public Transport Scheduling System (ptss)

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1. General Description


Public Transport Scheduling system (PTSS)

Description of overall function

Transperth was founded in 1986 and it was run by Western Australia Railway (Public Transport Authority n.d.). Nowadays, as a part of the State Government's Public Transport Authority, Transperth provides public transport service including buses, trains and ferries in Perth city and suburbs (Transperth n.d.).

The business provides public transportation and it provides a cheap and convenient way for passengers to transport. Public transport system is a system running business through processing information and providing services including the ways of payment, equipments purchase, management of timetable and availabilities of facilities like buses and trains, and so forth.

Users and function

The users of PTSS are passengers, employees, rostering system, suppliers, head office, video monitoring system (VMS), and accounting system.


When passengers use public transport, they need to buy tickets, check the timetable, and find a bus stop and so forth.

Employees - Driver, security

Drivers drive buses according to timetable, sell tickets, and supervise the passengers when they are boarding. The security guarantee public security of the bus stop, Trans stations as well as the boarding security.

Rostering system

Rostering system is used to arrange timetable and informs head offices to dispatch buses and trains.


Suppliers provide facilities on buses, trains or ferries the tagging machine and maintenance.

Head Office

Head office gets feedback from customers and dispatches buses and trains.

Video monitoring system (VMS)

Video monitoring system is used to supervise drivers and passengers on buses and trains.

Accounting system

Accounting system is used to do the budget and record expenses.

Instance detail

Transperth now uses PTSS. Customers transport by buses or trains according to the timetable. Passengers can check timetable in different ways including Transperth website, timetable at bus station, hardcopy on buses and hotline. Also, passengers have two ways to pay transportation fees. One is buying tickets by cash from drivers and another one is using Smartrider.


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