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The Development of Electronic Commerce to Our Country International Trade Influence

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E-commerce in the increasing popularity of network plays an important role in international trade today, compared with the traditional business trade, electronic commerce not only significantly reduce the trade cost, but also for elimination of trade barriers play an important role. But at the same time the electronic commerce still exists many problems. In this paper, the development of electronic commerce on the brief analysis of the impact of the international trade in China.

With the rapid development of the computer network technology, more and more indispensable in People's Daily work and life. Because of the convenience and operability of network is more outstanding, therefore the development of electronic commerce emerged in recent years, more and more become one of the most important way and means of international trade, but also still in the laws and regulations, and many other problems.

The Internet as a global network, eliminate the geographical boundaries, to reduce the tangible and intangible barriers in the international trade has a positive meaning. Do business on the Internet, neither religious restrictions, no racial discrimination, even the company's scale and economic strength, also is not so important. In developed countries, such as the United States, the European Union countries such as e-commerce has developed more mature, the electronic commerce vigorously promoted the development of international trade, promote the international trade of the rapid increase in business volume, and vigorously promoted the world within the scope of the scope of international trade development, so that the global economic integration to move forward quickly.

Using e-commerce in international trade, buyers and sellers can be standardized electronic format contract, make all the relevant documents and fast interaction, can also be implemented in an instant online delivery, save the transfer time of a single license,


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