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E-Business Application Development for a Nike Concept Store

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This project is an E-Business application development for a Nike Concept Store, so the application should be able to support and guide the user about the Nike products in the store. This application has five main pages which include; Home, Nike Men, Nike Women, Nike Kids, and Contact us page.

The home page is simply about the Nike store and it introduces the user to the Nike products. The Nike Men is the second webpage of this application with product description for men only, the products may range from sports wear to casual wear but the common thing is that all the products are about men. Nike Women and Nike Kids are almost similar to the Nike Men with the only major difference being the products categories under each page, so Nike Women will be for women clothing and Nike Kids will be for kids clothing only. The fifth and last webpage of this application is the Contact us page which allows the user to communicate with the Nike store about anything he/she wants to talk about, so this page has the contact details of the Nike store.

Objective of the Application

The application contains a range of multimedia elements, so its objective is mainly to demonstrate the correct usage of the multimedia elements, but this application is broad meaning it also offers different a high level of interactivity. For example, in this website there are two forms of buttons, the text only buttons and the curved buttons. There is a video in this application is to demonstrate how flash can be used to employ a external video file because the video used was taken from a different place, at Nike Inc. 2008.

Target Audience

As simplified by its design this application's target audience includes all age groups from parents to children, but this application is more like a products description aimed


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