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Professional Business Development

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Professional Business Development

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Professional Business Development

Part One:

The best way to communicate the hiring manager in current situation:

The current situation is pretty tricky one. In this situation, it will not be wise to talk Mary Smith on phone as the first thing she would ask shall be about the source from which I have got the reference. As my friend has asked me not to name him, the best thing to do under these circumstances will be to send an official mail to Mary, so that she can have credentials and details about me.

Secondly, it could be mentioned in the mail for a possible telephonic conversation, if necessary. In the email, I can mention about the work experience, academic and professional qualifications and about the achievements and recognitions which I have received during the past few years. The best part will be to ensure that the whole letter is written in most general way so that Mary does not get the idea about the source and should never come to know that I have already known about the job opening in the business organization. By using general language, I mean that I should not address about any specific position in their company. Rather, I should give them my personal and professional details so that they have an idea about my credentials and should consider my name once their employment procedure actually begins. Another advantage with respect to email communication is the fact that it goes into permanent record of the company and nature of email communication is much more permanent as compared to telephonic conversation. There are number of things which have to be kept in mind during telephonic conversation and by introducing myself via email, it will also help me in buying some more time before the actual formalities of hiring are started.

Explanation about the position without mentioning the friend:

Now here is some catch in this particular area. Mary Smith has been hiring and firing human resources for so many years now and she clearly understands that everything happens for some reason. And when


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