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Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Texas Instrument will implement a professional development plan to enhance the quality of work that the employees provide. The professional development plan will incorporate the needs analysis, learning objectives, delivery method for training, and evaluation criteria. TI will gain the confidence in training when using the professional development plan as a map for guidance.

Needs Analysis

In order for Texas Instrument to develop a professional development plan TI must have a needs analysis. The needs analysis consist of an organizational analysis, a team analysis and a task analysis to show the progress of their company (Noe, 2008). A needs analysis or needs assessment refers to the process used to determine whether training is necessary for the progress of Texas Instrument.

Organizational Analysis

Texas Instrument could use the organizational analysis for determining the appropriateness of training if it needed. It will give Texas Instrument its sources that are available training and support by TI’s managers and peers for training activities (Noe, 2008). The organizational analysis shows that TI needs to improve on hiring practices to ensure that divisions of the company have sufficient staff to function properly. TI needs to implement alternative options to organize and prepare job descriptions stating new duties. The changes suggested include the use of the human resources department, and in record keeping processes. Another suggestion is to improve the basic human resources systems and change the job descriptions, career tracks, update the salary range, and to improve the communication to help bidding contract.

Team Needs Analysis

Every day Texas Instrument engineers and technicians have to work every day to achieve advancement in their technological programs to make customers applications high speed. As part of the innovation, the teams within the organization must be trained in different areas, such as fabrication, assembly, testing of components and how to produce manufacture and produce select products successfully. To ensure success of the organization TI has to must produce a training assessment because employees within TI should work together as a team. TI can develop a team analysis to measure how well employees are functioning together. Team analysis can be measures by combining performance evaluation, observation, and interviews combined with team progress charts that show areas of strength as well as weaknesses.

Task Analysis

Task analysis identifies the important task and knowledge, skill, and behavior that need to be emphasized in the TI’s training for employees to complete their task. TI should use the task analysis as a result in a description of work activities, including


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