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Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Jennifer Luttrell


November 5, 2015

Gerry Blouin

Professional Development Plan

        The DISC assessment results from each of my learning team members show each  members personality. This paper uses this information to show our differences, strengths, weaknesses and a plan for leadership.


Jennifer and Kurtiss both have a dominant personality with a cautious substyle, which puts them in the Pioneercategory. There will be little to no doubt that both Jennifer and Kurtiss are going to want to be the take-charge person on most of the groups tasks and projects.  this personality has twice the tendency to be task-oriented - one from the Cautious Style side and one from the Dominance Style side ("The Disc Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment", n.d.). Pioneers thrive on being in the position to direct and redirect task accomplishments. Pioneers usually like to do things their own way, as they choose to perform to their own high standards that they have set for themselves.

The manager will most definitely have to work with Jennifer and Kurtiss on multiple issues for the ultimate success of the group. The manager will need to sit down with our Pioneers and make sure they are aware of the goals of the group, and not just their own goals. While it is great to have Pioneers who want to work hard to achieve their high standards, it can also become quite detrimental to the team. The manager should probably consider naming someone else the group leader, while giving Jennifer and Kurtiss special assignments to work on separately. While these tasks will benefit the group, they will also allow our Pioneers to satisfy their own needs of being in control and accomplishing more unusual projects. It will be vital for the manager to sit down with the group leader to make certain he/she understands the situation, so that they will be able to guide Jennifer and Kurtiss effectively and keep them in compliance with the groups standards, and not just their own.


Patrica also has a dominant personality, though she is less guarded than Jennifer and Kurtiss, which puts her in the Producercategory. Patrica shares many qualities with the Pioneers, but also has several key differences that will make her an integral part of our group. Patrica likes to accomplish goals on her own timetable and sets high standards for herself. Producers are very motivated to finish their tasks on their own from start to finish and are very efficient and dependable in doing so. Patrica will likely keep things rolling along quickly, as she will be competitive with the others in the group and will stay on top of things to make sure tasks are completed on schedule.


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