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Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

In my management class, I learned that doing an SWOT analysis was a good technic for knowing the people on your team. Now that I am in Organizational Leadership it is best to do DISC to perform a Professional Development Plan for your business to understand the different personalities of your teammates. The Professional Development plan is to determine the strengths and weaknesses on the team members to make it calmer to give tasks for the group. Team B members have all the great leadership skills with the urgency to learn and complete outstanding work together. The first week of class we accomplished a DISC assessment that recognized our traits. According to "Disc Profile" (n.d.), "The initial DISC model comes from Dr. William Marston, a professor at Columbia University in the 1920s, who was curious about the behavior of normal people. He did not create an instrument from his theory, but others did” (Disc Overview). As a possible leader of this team, I was able to inspect my own leadership styles and apply that to the assignment that we are to develop this week in class and lead them to accomplishing our goals for this course.

My DISC assessment decided that I was the Steadiness personality style. I defiantly could see this as my personality style assessment. The general characteristics for me are that I am a great listener, team player, very possessive, steady, predictable, understanding and so friendly my friends cannot stand it. The value to my team is on point with my character because I am very reliable I do not like leaving people stuck out. I was taught that my word is important and when broken people would not trust me. I never wanted to be someone that you could not trust. I am reliable, loyal team worker, patient, empathetic, and great on reconciling conflicts. My possible weaknesses are not far off either I must say, that I do resist change; it truly takes me a long time to adjust to changing. I am practicing on not holding


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