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Professional Development Plan Essay

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Professional Development Plan

As a future school administrator, it is imperative that I reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses. What better way to do such than to meet with my mentoring principal to reflect on both areas? When meeting with Dr. Hightower, she immediately raved about my performance. I informed her of my assignment, and she then offered her suggestions. Dr. Hightower has been a principal for twenty some years, and her opinion is valid. Some of the areas we decided to continue to development in will be; curriculum selection, student behavior interventions, and parent involvement. She explained that these areas are the most vital areas in school operations, and are typically the most difficult to perfect.

When reviewing curriculum selection, she speaks mostly on RTI’s tier two and three materials. These are the intervention pieces that will supplement the county’s core curriculum. She explained that I had only experienced a piece of the tedious process. Budgeting was the piece in which I missed, and apparently this is a core piece. To assure that I am adequately prepared for this task, I will continue to participate in subject area meetings. I will attend text adoption meetings, SAC meetings, ESE department meetings, school budgeting meetings, and will dialogue with professional peers to assure that the best supplements are being used.

Student behavior interventions are a significant part of daily school operations. This area is unique, in that behaviors range vastly. As a future school administrator, it was suggested that I continue reading and training to prepare myself to intervene these behaviors. I am currently attending CHAMPS courses, in hopes that I can reference the course in time of crisis.


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