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Hrm 531 - Career Development Plan Part II

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Career Development Plan Part II

HRM/531 Human Resources Management

January 10, 2011

Dr. Alex Kadrie

Career Development Plan Part II

Properly training new employs will infuse the organization in several ways. However, learning new skills and interacting with mentors will have a direct impact on productivity and develop a comfortable culture for employees. New employees are required complete 4 weeks of training before staring work. In addition, new employee training will cover sell techniques, customer service skills, and team work etc. Also, the four weeks of training will consist of a combination of on the job training, seminars, lectures .and software training.

Throughout training, trainees will learn several different training techniques. However, training will cover the importance of building friendships and relationships with customers. Also he or she will be taught proper techniques on how to approach customers. In addition, customer service will also be covered. Moreover management will emphasize to trainees that the customer is always right. Pursuing this further, techniques for closing deals will be covered in training.

Mentors in Inter Clean sakes department will be senior level employees with multiple years of experience. The responsibilities of mentors in the sales department are to provide direction, motivate, provide feedback to management, and assist employees in developing. In addition mentors are required to provide advice and advised trainees about challenges ho or she will face in the near future. Also take interest in the trainee and provide frequent feedback to management concerning the progress of the employee. Mentors are required to meet with trainees once a week. Additionally monitor trainee’s progress and provide direction, advice, and assistance to trainees.

To met objectives in the training and mentoring program, employees will improve his or selling techniques in sales. This is a fundamental objective of sales training. Also employees will exceed in sales performance. However, exceeding in sales is highly important because if employees do not perform the entire organization suffers. In addition, learn the basics if his or her position. Furthermore, managers need to obtain tools to assist the sales team and potential customers. Employees will also develop a unified sale approach. For the simple reason all members need to be on the same page and perform on the same level. Also, understand competition and the market. Our sales team must be aware of how our competition operates and challenges Inter Clean will face in the future. On the other hand, mentors will help trainees understand his or her role at Inter Clean. Also, mentors will build a relationship


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