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Personal Professional Development Plan

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University of Phoenix Material                

Personal Professional Development Plan

Complete this document using the your Personal Professional Development Plan Activity, Parts 1-4 to help guide you.

Career goals

My Career goal is to be a Program Manager for my company.

Educational goals

My goals in Education to finish my Masters Program.

Competencies (strengths)

My strengths are loyalty, honesty, open mindedness, self-discipline, creativity, innovation, and the willingness to continue learning.

Areas of improvement

The areas I need to work on is planning. Planning the man power to the right areas.

Steps to take to reach your goal

First step to reaching goal wasmore education. Next step was signing up for the mentor program. Next step is to be a ship superintendent.

Potential road blocks

Government cut backs. This is limit future openings in the position.

Which steps would you consider milestones? Why?

Milestone would be becoming a Ship Superintendent. This is the food in the door to learn everything there is to know about my job as well as the job that I want to move to.

How will you monitor your progress toward your career goals?

I will monitor my progress by the duties that get assigned to me. The more duties assigned the more responsibility. This will show upper management what I have learned and what I can accomplish.

How might you focus your time and attention in your future courses based on your career competencies and career goals?

I am in beast mode right now. I have deicated my life to achieving my career. I will not waist any time on things that do not help my reach my goal. No drinking, going out, nothing. Education and hard work.


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