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Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Proper self-assessment is essential to developing and executing a lesson plan. Without using the strengths the group possesses, it is counter-productive, and hinders progress. Utilizing ones strengths in this case the dominance style, a plan can easily be formed through authoritative methods such as... An evaluation of both the individual and the group as a whole, is necessary for improvement and future endeavors. Within the parameters of the Disc plan, the group as a whole succeeded at

The group of four members had similar personalities and leadership styles, which led to some contention, but overall led to the success of the plan. The dearth of “interactive” personalities was beneficial because the dominant characters recognized leadership and naturally stratified power and delegates tasks amongst its members

Observers in this instance, are both the audience as well as peers. This can prove challenging, as convincing those who are equally as skilled and educated in the same field as you require novel and ingenious ideas based off the same information provided to all. These can be described as “guarded” individuals, who are less likely to be open to one’s lesson plan

A DISC assessment may be used to breakdown the particular characteristics of an individual displaying leadership traits. There are dominant, interactive, steady, and cautions primary personality types that lay an underline foundation to individualistic style. These form the basis of the DISC acronym. It is important to also identify a proper subset of each category that will display secondary personality tendencies. These tendencies may not be as prominent as the primary function.however, leaders need to assess even the slightest variations of individuals in order to align potential hires with company culture.


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