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Programmer Ethics and Professionalism in Strategic Systems Development

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Programmer Ethics and Professionalism in Strategic Systems Development

For our final examination I will be examining programmer ethics and professionalism in a strategic systems development specifically covering the case of Bogart Engineers. This case study will focus on the compromising aspects of organizations through unprofessional and vindictive acts performed by employees who seek to destroy and systematically damage intellectual property in information technology systems. In the said case above, two programmers destroyed intellectual property and tried to steal that said intellectual property so that they were the only ones with the ability to use these info systems.This case study will focus and pertain to recommendations for protecting info systems on a corporate level. I will first supply facts on this case and give my analysis.

Facts on the case

1 Two computer programmers were employed by Bogart Engineers and Constructors Inc of Houston, Texas.

2 They were immediately assigned to a project team dedicated to the development of a critical corporate information system.

3 Considered to be strategically crucial to Bogart's competitive position in providing engineering and construction services for the petrochemical industry.

4 Cost of Engineer's unethical behavior resulted in an excess of $1,000,000 dollars.

5 Fortunately the tampering to the BID system was discovered before the two computer programmer's plan was succeeded.

6 Civil Action began in 2003 in Texas Courts due to the unethical behavior of these two programmers.

7 One of the programmers encoded destruct mechanisms that caused the system to crash and become worthless in the future.


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