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Bshs 332 - Personal Ethical Belief System and Professional Ethics

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Personal Ethical Belief System and Professional Ethics

Virginia Rackins


David Elkins

September 26, 2011

My parents began teaching me at a very young age about values and my parents taught me what is right and wrong behaviors that is accepted in todays society. My beliefs and values is what has shaped into the person I am today. As I go into the field of my profession as a human service worker my beliefs and values will help me be a successful person. In the starting of my profession there will be numerous hours spent getting to know others and his or her beliefs and values. First it is important to know and understand my own beliefs and values before I try to understand someone elses' beliefs and values.

The purpose of this paper is to identify my personal values, ethics, and my own beliefs. My parents helped shaped my values and taught me to make sound judgements as I go through life everyday. The values I have are important to me as I presue my career as a social worker. My parents raised my sibbilings and I in a spiritual household that were taught the values of love, respect, giving, and to honor. Being raised in a spiritual household reflects on the decisions I make in my professional and everyday life. I believe in doing what is right and not doing anything wrong in my life. I make decisions in my life as I feel that God would approve of the choices I have made. I love everyone just as God does and I treat people with the love, care, and kindness because that is the way I want to be treated by other people.

The respect that I have for others has developed from being raised in a spiritual household. My parents taught me to respect people no matter of his or her race, religion,or culture. That is just the way I was taught and I believe everyone that carrys himself or herself in a respectful manner deserves to be respected. Respect is a moral value that I have know since I was old enough to talk and walk. The events in my life has also shaped my values such as my illness of diabetes. Having diabetes for 20 years I have learned to be kind, caring, and forgiving as I live from day to day because I know that being cruel to anyone is not the values that are instilled in me. Being able to show someone the values that I have in me may help bring out the values that he or she has in them. My decisions I make in my life today reflects upon my future of who I will be because of the personal, spiritual, and family goals that are within me. Making an emotional decision can lead to severe consequences and I have learned through my life experiences that my behavior and the way I think will help shape my values and


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