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Personal Ethics Development

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JUNE 1, 2011



Walking into Wal-mart one morning notice two 100 dollar bills on the floor thoughts passes through my mind, where I should asked if someone lost their money or put it into my pocket. As I bend and pick up the two bills and look up at another customer and think maybe she had dropped them after cashing her check or while she was in the check out line. I thought to myself should I walk away with the money or pass it on to the proper authorities. I begin to look as it was my money, I would want someone to return it to me. Even though it’s hard giving it back, that will be the appropriate thing to do. In my personal ethics development paper I will incorporate the key terms, define my underlying ethical system, its primary principles, the sources that helped shape my ethics, discuss the ethics in the workplace, explain why ethics are needed in an organization, how are ethic put into an organization to achieve its directions and goals, and what effects does ethics have on an individuals, organizations, and society. This brings me to my first point my underlying ethical system.

My Underlying Ethical System

As humans we are born into the world without any personal values, or any kind of ethical system in place. Ethics are a learning process that has to be developed from the time one is born and continue throughout his or her life. Ethical system is defined as underlying principles which a person uses to make decisions (University of Phoenix). The ethical system interchanges with one another and make up how humans respond and react to problems that comes up in our daily lives. Each ethical system has its own way of coming across to each individual, also depends on how each person sees the problem and situations that they are faced with. Some problems can seem like a nightmare. For example one day everyday is going well, kids are getting along find, marriage is going well, and job is going great. The next morning a problem hits you like a ton of bricks and everything is turn upside in your household. How a person deals with this situation is all in the make up of that person and the experience of life, he or she has been through and the maturity of that person will determine how the situation will be solved. I have been through many things in my life time and experience has taught me well. I learn to depend on my Lord and Savior to pull me through my problems even though I sometimes get impatient and want to deal with them on my own. I come to realize that’s the wrong thing to do when


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