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Personal Ethical Statement - How Might You Use Your Personal Ethics to Determine a Course of Action?

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Preferred Ethical Lens

According to the ethical inventory I fall under the Rights and Responsibility and Relationship Lens. It states that I use reasoning skills to determine both the universal rules that each person should follow and the processes that will assure fairness and justice for all in the community.

Blind Spot

My blind spot, as per the report, is that my belief is that motive justifies method or overconfidence in process because I believe that a consistent process results in a just outcome for all, I sometimes trust the process too much.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I believe that my gift is my strengths. The report states that My gift to the community is being responsible and doing what is fair for members of the community. I know what I need to do and just do it. Once I say that I will do something or care for someone that is what I do, because I value loyalty and consistency. It also states that I am able to live in the present as I work to create interdependence.

My weaknesses include becoming judgmental or an ambitious elitist and when I find myself un-attentive I am tempted to excuse myself or exempt my group from following the rules. According to the results without self-knowledge, I can become overly rigid in my expectations. When others do not fulfill their duties, I will be quick to judge them. When my personal ambition overpowers my concern for justice, I overlook abuses of power by those in leadership positions.

Values and the Resultant Behaviors

My core values are described as Autonomy/Equality and Rationality. This means that I value independence and equality equally. For me interdependence is the goal, harmonizing the rights of individuals with the wellbeing of the community. I prioritize the value of rationality over sensibility.


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