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Personal Ethics Statement

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Personal Ethics Statement

My personal ethics statement includes my values and ideals that are important to me as a student as well as in everyday life. My ethics are my own personal beliefs and morals that reflect and define the person that I am. The decisions and choices that I make every day should be consistent with integrity and respect toward others. These ethics will ensure my happiness and peace if I keep and hold these values.

I believe in the value of equality for people regardless of their race, religion, or disability. Treating people with respect and dignity, while holding myself accountable to these principles will ensure that I treat others as I would want to be treated.

My ethical lens of choice is the reputation lens. I listen to my intuition and determine what character traits and virtues will best serve the community. To ensure a fair and balanced society in a community, equality is essential. All people should contribute and develop a voice in their community by actively participating and finding common ground through the diversity of other communities. I believe in examining each situation in its own context rather than applying one solution for the whole community.

My blind spot possessing unrealistic role expectations, either on myself, or others means that I need to pay closer attention to my expectations of other individuals. My expectations may not be the same as others, so not forgetting that people make mistakes sometimes can be the same as my mistakes. Keeping in mind that I am not in control of every situation, and that other people are capable of resolving problems or events that I may believe can only accomplished by me. Trusting other people’s choices and decisions will help in overcoming this blind spot.

My strengths include courage and steadiness in the face of obstacles. I avoid rash decisions and at the same time have the


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