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Personal Ethic

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There are many times in life when one is required to make decisions. Some decisions can have good results while others can turn out to be disasterous. A time in my life where I had to make a moral decision that required me to compromise some short term gratifications was when I had to make the decision to return to school to pursue my degree. This happened in 2011, where I had a full time job at the bank and was making a decent salary but all of a sudden had the urge to pursue higher education. This was a tough time for me because I was getting good pay, and was a potential candidate for a higher position. I wanted to take the position because it would mean more earning but I thought I would challenge myself to go back to school instead. The decision to go back to school was important for me because I wanted to earn a degree that would open more opportunities in the future in case I wanted to pursue more accomplishments. Lots of my friends did not understand why I would go back to school since I had already had a secure job that I can grow easily.

During this time, I had several options to consider, I could continuing working and make more money since I was already a potential candidate for an upcoming position I applied for. However, if I continued working, my chances of getting another professional job would be limited, because I only had limited amount of experience and that would hinder me from acquiring other jobs. I also thought about if I wanted to re-locate cities and move elsewhere, I was not sure I would find a suitable job because I did not have a degree. Now days, there are many people pursuing post-secondary education and there is a high competition so it is not as easy to get a good job with just a certificate or a diploma. My fellow co- workers were another option for me to consider. I was the youngest employee at the branch where I was working. When talking to most of my coworkers, they were all older than me and were not happy about their job. Most of them explained to me how they just settled for their positions because they were stuck paying bills and expenses and could not be in a position to change their career because they had dependencies to care of. It was difficult for them to go back to school and pursue a degree because they had children, and were in constant need of income. My situation was a bit different because I do not have dependencies,


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