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Personal Ethics Development

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Personal Ethics Development

Craig Cavinder


May 20, 2014

                                                       January Riddle


Personal values are as individual as fingerprints, these value characteristics and moral beliefs govern how people react and function within society.  Ethical behavior standards and personal values are formed and reformed during a person's life.  Dissimilarities in people, kinfolk, race, friends, experience, education, business, and other areas can induce change in “personal” values and ethical principal’s.  Values are revealed through interaction with others, personal decisions, job performance traits, and various other social interfaces. People arrange their values in order to prioritize goals, influence others, and capitalize on opportunities, which ethically define themselves to others. “Attention to our values helps people become more self-aware, make ethical decisions, prioritize our tasks, and develop credibility as a leader” (Williams, para 4, nd).                                              

Development of Values

        People adopt their values starting from their childhood via their parents/ guardians’, and are largely influenced by demographic and culture norms.  Family, educational teachers and religious leaders play a major role of how people develop a system of ethics and values.  Personally, my initial beliefs were developed in this way. A family who loved me, and required a set system of adherence raised me. For example, attending church was a requirement until I reached the age of sixteen. I have integrated many of early childhood values into the way I live today.  Age has given me both good and bad experiences that further develop/alter my system of beliefs and guiding ethical principles. These personal values and ethical principles are the core foundation of my life ambitions. How others perceive me means a great deal to me, my moral standards are the true value of what I leave to my children and grandchildren.

Defining Values

        It is not easy to define one's own personal values as an adolescent. However, as we get older, and our life experiences and education opportunities are tallied, we can ascertain various dominate values. Education is a paramount aspect in defining personal values, followership via childhood only goes so far. Taking ownership for your actions and capitalize on opportunities to lead and influence others for the betterment of society is the ultimate goal of understanding one's self-worth.  My education was an essential part of how I understood and accepted my own ethical value system.  I often make lists to help me better understand concepts, listed below is a few important values I choose to live by: 


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