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Phl 323 - Personal Ethics Development

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Personal Ethics Development


Tammy Matthews

Nov 16, 2015

Personal Ethics Development                        

When we are born we have nothing in our minds except for eating, sleeping and well going to the bathroom. As we grow old in our early stages of life our minds become more comparable to a sponge. We tend to “soak up” everything we see and hear no matter if it is good or bad. During that time frame is where our foundation as a person for when we are adults is being laid. It as if a step ladder is being built under as you grow. That foundation can also be known as our Ethics. Children do not only learn from their mom and dad but also from others who they interact with on a day to day base. Teachers, other family members or in some cases people they interact with at a church. It is good for children to be developed in social environment because they learn constantly throughout the day not just while they are at home.

Ethics is one of the most key characteristics of each individual person in today’s society.

It can affect how a person speaks or even their way of life. In today’s society ethics can be compared to racism. I say that because if one person or group does not like or does not agree with another on how they carry themselves or how they handle certain scenarios; it could lead to very harsh controversy. One example that comes to mind when ethics are in question an organizational level is abortion clinics.  There are many people that do not agree with abortion due to one’s religion or the simple fact of the harsh trauma a female goes through. One might be raised to think it is helping the person and others say its murder. I have been in many scenarios to where I had to make an ethical decision. During my 10 year stint in the Marine Corps, I was given the opportunity to go to many different countries and work with many different people and cultures. It almost seemed that every time I worked with females there were issues. I observed many of my peers screaming and belittling the female Marines when they were struggling or even when they were seeking knowledge about our equipment. On one occasion, one of my peers was talking to one of the females like as if she were a dog. Being from the south, this did not settle with me. Being raised in the south you are taught to respect women no matter what. I understand that allot of others think of Marines as very strong and scary people however I had to draw the line that day. I called my peer off to the side to speak to him about the issue. He did not like the fact that I told him if he continued to treat the marine poorly I was going to write him up and send to our officer for disciplinary actions. Even though he was one of my peers you always have to remember the rules and regulations no matter who or what the scenario is. He continued on the wrong path and I followed the rule book and had him standing in front of the officer’s desk.


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