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Personal Ethics Developement

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In this paper I will discuss my personal values, ethics, and ground rules development. I will address about how I developed my values, what those values are, and the sources that I believe these were developed from. Finally, I will write about how my personal values impact my work center and how the values of my company impact my personal values.

Development of Values

The personal values of a person are developed early in life. When a person is born he or she is born without values. The sequences of development do not come about according to my genetics but rather through learning (Crain, 1985). The process of my development of personal values is lifelong and never-ending.

Personal Values

My personal values help to define me as a person. I believe that a person is responsible for his or her own actions. I believe in the unity of a family. I believe a person should be compassionate. I believe in obtaining the best possible education and in having a good work ethic. I believe in honesty and that a person can learn from his or her mistakes.

Sources for Development of my Values

My family provided the concepts of honesty, family, education, and work was instilled early in life. The unity of my family regardless of the circumstances has always kept my family close and made our bonds stronger. I believe family unity comes from open and honest lines of communication. My mom and dad stressed honesty. My mom and dad also instilled in me the value of an education.

Factors Utilized to Revise my Individual Values

My personal values have not changed, however the way that I use my values has changed because of experiences in my life. It is not that my values have changed just my interpretation.

Potential Impact


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