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Personal Ethics Statement

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The ethical lens inventory and the work culture preferences are excellent tools in guiding you through a career plan. I agree with the results of my work cultures preferences. The results matched exactly to what I would consider my ideal workplace to be. I will have all the necessary resources available to complete task efficiently. I will work in a team that is cooperative and supportive. My team will work in an innovative, creative atmosphere that turns out groundbreaking work.

The ethical perspective results reported I many strong reasoning skills. I prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. I protect individual rights. Everyone is treat fairly. I want balance, I know whom I am and act with integrity. At the same time, I have a blind spot and a few weaknesses. I believe motive justifies my method on how I view my peers. I follow the rules and if I must, my peers must follow them as well. To my peers I am autocratic or bossy.

I believe there is a strong relationship between effective study habits and techniques used in the workplace. If you have established positive study habits throughout your classes in school, they set forth a positive guide to follow in your workplace. Positive study habits equal positive work techniques.

Ethics play an important role in academics and in the workplace as well. If you have positive ethics in school, it establishes positive ethics at work. A positive ethical person fulfills their duties and does the right thing as an adult. You must treat people with respect. Treat your peers as you want to be treated is the best policy.


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