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An Evalution of Bg Trinidad an Tobago Graduate Training Programme

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BG has a graduate programme every 2 years and I plan to send out questionnaires to about 2-3 batches of employees who has already went through the programme to actually find out how effective the programme was.Is the Training and Development Programme at BG Trinidad and Tobago effective?

Voluntary leaving in an organization is inevitable however, the motivational factor for undertaking this decision is crucial. The exit of a staff member in an organization results in disruption some way or the other, keeping this to a minimal level will reduce training costs and disruption. BG Trinidad and Tobago has in place strategies for these challenges however, the effectiveness of these strategies is what is being researched.

Research Objectives

• To critically evaluate the training and development strategies at BG Trinidad and Tobago.

• To compare Practice at BG Trinidad and Tobago with literature and best practice in the field of Training and Development.

• To make recommendations for improvement, if necessary, to the Training and Development at BG Trinidad and Tobago.

Dependent Variable

• Satisfaction of Training

Independent Variable

• Gender

• Age

• Marital status

• Number of children

• Ethnicity

• Department/Divison

• Motivation

• Team

With the positivists paradigm the researcher could incorporate questionnaires, surveys and interviews as data collection tool and this would allow for a global picture


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