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Roberts Auto Sales and Service Case Study

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After working in Roberts Auto Sales and Service (RASAS), Vicky Roberts, inherited the business from her dad. Roberts capitalized her knowledge and experience to build her business into a diversified and successful mini-empire. Roberts always had a passion for high-performance Mustangs and acquired a 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350 that needed alot of work done.

Based on her experience, Roberts noticed customer demand for restorations of vintage cars. Shelby will like to restore her Mustang in an attempt to figure out the market response to her opening up her own car restoration business. Roberts will like a feasibility study done on her own project to see if she could restore the ‘65 Mustang in time for the Detroit Auto Show.

Roberts has $70,000 to spend and 45 days until the car show begins. Roberts asked the director of service operations to prepare a report about what is involved in restoring the car and whether it could be done in time for the Detroit Show in 45 days.


Vicky Roberts will like to understand the feasibility of opening a car restoration business. She will like understand what it will take to restore a 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350 as a feasibility test to insure that starting such a business will provide positive economic benefits. Once the car is finished she will use the car as a marketing piece to gauge potential customers interest in the venture. Roberts has a budget of $70,000 and a timeline of 45 days to get the care prepared for the Detroit Auto Show. I have prepared documentation of the processes of the things that will need to be done to get the project done in time and under-budget. My findings has allowed me to accurately pinpoint when certain actions need to be done and the cost structure for each action. Below, one will find a chart that contains the the projects activities, the time estimate,


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