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Ibm Sales Managers Case Study

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I30 Laptop

Sales: Team Structure, Roles and Rewards



1... Title Page

2... Contents

3... Executive Summary

4... Introduction

8... Sales Team Structure

10... Sales Team Salaries, Bonuses and Incentives

12... Bonuses, Incentives and Prizes

13... Future Growth and Expansion

14... Conclusion

16... References

Executive Summary

The following report is a detailed overview of the sales team structure and salaries, bonuses and incentives for the new I30 laptop. The report shows research on previous structures and salaries of rival companies which allow a clearer path for ours to follow. The laptop will be sold in every state across Australia. It will also be offered by our web based team and sold online internationally. The structure is a tall organisation structure with a national sales director (myself) followed by 15 teams of 4 consisting of 1 team leader and three salesmen. There is also a web based team which consists of 6 members. I will be receiving a salary of $220,000 at full sales achievement. Each team leader will receive $150,000. Each sales rep will receive $90,000 and each web sales team member shall receive $100,000. Bonuses for sales competitions and yearly sales figures are outlined in the report. I hope this report is satisfactory in providing a structure for the selling of the I30 as well as outlining appropriate salary figures, bonuses and prizes.

Sam Lagos



Our new I30 laptop is a new B2B and B2C professional computer available Australia wide. The product was designed to provide businesses with a strictly high performance, powerful and efficient laptop for business functions. The laptop is priced at $1000 RR. It will be marketed and offered as a prestigious, top of the line, yet affordable laptop for business professionals. Annual sales are expected to reach around $25,000,000, around 50,000 sold nation wide (assuming 50% gross margin). Expected funding for sales team, incentives and bonuses as well as selling costs is approximately $7.5M. With a net profit


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