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Strategic Management Case Study: Dl Limited

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DL limited

Strategic Management

DL limited

Strategic Management


Introduction 2

Literature review 2

Information product market as the new potential market 3

Marketing strategy 4

Potential Markets 5

Development of Distance Learning 5

Required Resources 5

Conclusion 5


Development of internet and modern technology have made distance learning popular, easier and faster and also have given a possibility for student who are currently working to extend their knowledge without presence in classroom during lectures.

DL Limited is a new business project of Sterling education consulting firm, which offers full time regular university studying in Business, IT and Engineering. Sterling consulting already 3 years have very successful double degree program and cooperate with several UK Universities and 14 Turkish universities.

The programs DL Limited will have support of all Sterling's client universities which creates big advantage and puts this new company on the safe place in the market. Reputation which Sterling already has will be an advantage, too.

Advantages of distance learning are in a first place flexibility of place and time of study, cost efficient, learning while working, which is especially convenient for those who wants to extend their knowledge in the field they already work, or have family commitments, and also cuts transportation fees.

To enter new market, Sterling experts will face several new challenges because until now their programs were developed for traditional learning system. Structuring will have to be designed in whole new way, they need to transform study materials, communication channels, staff support, administrative work, and the most important to create strategy to enter a market in a different way.

Literature review

The first and most important challenge in front of top managers is to create a strategy for achieving good and sustainable position in the market. Strategy needs to be well planned so implementation will be more efficient. By Minztberg planning process should not be bureaucratic and analytical because it is deceiving for managers. He is often criticized that he is just being confrontational and simplistic


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